Technique Academy Football Coaching – Book a Course
Choose which course or day you want your child to attend. Each course is £20 per day. We will confirm your child’s place and payment method by email. You can pay on the first day of the course or on the day you attend. The courses will be held at Shenfield School from 9am - 2pm.

School year
Date of birth / /
Emergency phone
Home phone
Current football club
Medical conditions,
previous injuries
or allergies

1 or 2 day courses for 5-13 years at Shenfield School

Full Course (both days)
Thursday 5th August
Friday 6th August

Full Course (both days)
Thursday 12th August
Friday 13th August

Full Course (both days)
Thursday 19th August
Friday 20th August

Full Course (both days)
Thursday 28th October
Friday 29th October

Full Course (both days)
Wednesday 22nd December
Thursday 23rd December

I agree that The Technique Academy reserve the right to remove a disruptive child from the course and that no parties involved with the organisation of these courses accepts responsibilty for loss or damage to person or property. I Accept that Technique Academy are taking measures, following government guidelines, to keep my child safe during Covid-19.